Tools and approaches that help you work and live with meaning.

Living and working with intention is an ongoing endeavor, not a destination. Inspired by this fact, we’ve created a range of programs that empower your journey.

A course in transformational development

The Work with Meaning course is the result of 20+ years of research exploring meaning at work. Through this research we built models to unlock human potential, improve the workplace dynamic, and help people do great work together. Meaning is a process that can be applied to everything. And that can transform your life.

Course outcomes include:

  • Shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset
  • A greater sense of agency and personal autonomy for personal and professional outcomes
  • Ability to create healthier, more productive relationships with people and complex systems
  • Improved sense of purpose and meaning in career
  • Reduced stress and burnout with fewer internalizing symptoms and problems: (e.g., anxiety, depression)

Our approach

The Work at Meaning journey is a thoughtful, immersive, practical rethinking of how we learn to develop ourselves and our teams to better steward the organizations in which we work. We use instruction, exercises, and models, as well as coaching to teach the underlying structures of meaning.

Employees gain a methodology to discover and develop what their meaning models are, and how those models empower their unique contributions and organizational impact. These tools can be used for continual growth and development throughout their careers.

Looking back, I thought I knew what this course was about, but I had no idea, I don’t think you can know. We think we know what meaning is, but I certainly didn’t.

Sandy Doolittle



Master your work journey and find life fulfillment through your work.