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Work at Meaning Program

In collaboration with Aviri, Pathways has synthesized 20+ years of exploring the domain of meaning at work and building meaning models that unlock human potential, improve the workplace, and help people and organizations do great work together. The Pathways Work at Meaning™ suite of courses brings the methods and models that expose and tap into the internal drivers of your workforce to help them recognize and wield their unique capabilities to steward your organizational purpose and their personal meaning complementarily.

The Pathways Work at Meaning™ Suite of courses teaches people and teams the tools, models, and mindsets they need to understand and express their unique strengths and interests in order to combine them into a powerful personal philosophy that allows them to tap their fullest potential and make time at work more fulfilling. 

Through Work at Meaning™, people feel more joy and, a greater sense of personal and shared purpose, and authenticity, while unlocking more resilience, better decision making, greater effectiveness, and deeper connections to others in the workplace. Helping people and teams articulate their meaning models and actualize their fullest potential can drive organizational growth and agility by:

  • Helping employees more clearly understand their unique contributions and organizational impact
  • Increasing individual connectivity to organizational mission and purpose
  • Elevating creativity and improving communication
  • Igniting individual passions and triggering personal joy
  • Improving accountability, problem solving, and decision-making capabilities

Unlock Human Potential.

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