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As a strategic partner we understand that a key component of driving sustainable company growth is through a dual focus on talent retention and targeted recruitment initiatives.

Pathways is the premier management consulting company that leverages communication design and psychology at the forefront of our talent solutions. We specialize in hard to place, high impact talent that is critical to your organization's success.

We are not your average recruiting firm

The job market has undergone significant changes over time, and is no longer solely about matching skills with compensation. Nowadays, candidates seek roles that align with their values, and sense of purpose. Offering a competitive salary alone is no longer sufficient to attract and retain talent.

Through 30,000 hours of studying the psychological connection between individuals, teams, and organizations, we’ve discovered the core motivation that drives their work. By uncovering the essence, we identify the meaningful connection between individuals and the work they do, resulting in greater engagement and job satisfaction.

We think about talent acquisition in ways that other companies don't

The Pathways recruiting strategy is tailored to be more authentic and focused solely on the goals and motivations of both the candidate and the company.

Whether you are hiring for a CEO, employee #2, or 200 new employees, Pathways is here to help partner with you.

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Making the match

Pathways has developed a proprietary interview that goes beyond skills for dollars to ensure the proper alignment between organization and candidate.

Talent development

Our approach involves collaborating with you to not only recruit top-notch employees, but also to nurture their professional growth.

No placement fees

In order to align our motives with your team, and avoid potential commission biases, we do not incorporate placement fees.

Clear communication

Our solutions are customized to adapt to the evolving requirements of your organization. We maintain transparent communication, which empowers you to make informed decisions that align with your objectives.

Short term contracts

The flexibility of short term contracts allows you to pause, or cancel, any search at any time.

Specialized teams

We have dedicated in-house expertise that targets market research, recruitment and account management.
Pathways is part of our team. I don't see them as an outside agency but more of an extension of our team that provides expertise that is extremely valuable, not only to me but to our hiring managers as well. I love that Pathways doesn't push candidates on us, but acts as an advocate for our hiring managers.

Talent Acquisition Manager, Stanford Children's Health

The meaning language

Finding the authentic connection to work

Recruiting candidates solely based on their skills, role responsibilities, and available resources may overlook the importance of understanding how individuals perceive and derive meaning from their work. Without this understanding, it may be challenging to establish meaningful connections with people and inspire them effectively.

Pathways places a strong emphasis on the connection between individuals and their work through meaningful communication. By prioritizing this approach, our clients experience significant benefits including reduced hiring time and costs, increased employee retention, and the development of a cohesive company culture that fosters teamwork and enables great work to be achieved collectively.

Strategic sourcing

We provide personalized strategic sourcing able to tackle your most difficult to place roles. We partner with your company and hiring manager throughout the process and provide real market intel. We bring in meaning language from the start to ensure that not only skills, role responsibilities, and compensation requirements are met, but additionally the candidate pool is sold on your company narrative.

Strategic recruiting

We leverage our proprietary interview methodology to identify individuals who possess the skills and values that align with your specific needs and company culture. In addition, we collaborate with your organization and hiring manager to provide support and guidance every step of the way, from introducing you to potential candidates to negotiating job offers.

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