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“What is the nature of our connection to work?”

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Our services and products exist with one thing in mind. To help you master culture. In fact, we wrote the book.


We solve one of the most challenging and time-consuming recruitment tasks: building relationships that put you in touch with the right people. Sourcing is more than just a resume or interview — it’s about finding people that are passionate about who you are and what you are doing in the market. Our sophisticated front-end approach offers you a monumental cost saving so your internal processes work more efficiently.

Training / Workshops

It’s difficult to exist today unless you have a vibrant, healthy culture. We don’t have turnkeys or checklists that you implement. All your solutions are authentic to you. Culture is a product of shared meaning. For companies that are serious about designing and developing vibrant cultures, it must develop meaning literacy.

Our programs help you develop the skills to understand and wield meaning. These programs consist of both in-person and online classes.


When you are training for a high performance run across the Grand Canyon, training schedules are great - but nothing is more important than listening to your body, getting instantaneous feedback from your heart.

Winning organizations are no different and nothing is more important than being tuned into your culture.

Our technology gives you important insights about the health of your culture today. Knowing the vital signs of your culture can help you determine how to effectively address abnormalities before they become conditioned.

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Pathways is an advisory firm that helps organizations tap their potential through better people strategies.


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