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The Wall Street Journal

Backlash Against Quiet Quitting Is Getting Loud

First came the viral phenomenon. Now critics are taking to task those who advocate for coasting on the job.

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Everything We Know About Empathy Is Wrong

We have such prescriptive world-defined views of what somebody’s journey is or what empathy is that we forgot that to have empathy in general, you’d better start with yourself. You’d better start exploring and be empathetic to your own journey.

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MIT Sloan Management Review

Why We Don't Talk About Meaning At Work

Meaningful work will remain elusive if managers don’t learn to overcome four barriers to healthy conversations about what gives individuals their sense of purpose.

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Warren Buffett Says This Is What Will Stop Your Employees From Quitting

The real question for leaders to figure out is one that addresses the corporate culture: how to create work environments where people do what they love and that results in good business outcomes.

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Harvard Business Review

Feel A Lack Of Meaning At Work? You Could Be Languishing

If you’re just starting out in your career, chances are that you sometimes feel as if you’re languishing. When you’re languishing, you feel a lack of meaning and a desire to “fit in” emotionally. These three steps can help you stop languishing and start flourishing in your career.

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The Great Resignation Is Here, And It's Real

People are quitting their jobs at a higher than usual rate. What can businesses do to keep their workers?

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Fast Company

RIP Ping-Pong. The Era Of Wacky Office Perks Is Dead

For years, companies have spent money on fun workplace perks in order to attract young talent. But a new study finds that these snazzy office benefits aren’t what young workers really want.

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To Get Your People's Best Performance, Start With Purpose

In a world that requires agile innovation, organizations are desperate to create cultures of ownership, shared responsibility and proactive initiative. Of all the steps leaders take to be sure people will perform well in a job, the one with the most influence is commonly difficult for leaders to know how to address: finding an employee's personal connection to the work.

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Organizational Meaning Is Everyone’s Job

The universal search for meaning has entered the workplace at full throttle. Today’s employees see themselves as free agents in search of an authentic connection. They want more from work than simply a means for ensuring their basic needs are met. They have other needs to satisfy — the need to have meaning and purpose, to find inspiration and to tap their full potential.

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