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Pathways helps you build the skills, mindset, and behaviors needed to cultivate a vision of possibilities for your life. Our leadership training courses deliver lasting impact on how you learn and develop through research backed instruction, proven exercises, and accountability based coaching.

Living and working with intention is an ongoing endeavor, not a destination. Inspired by this fact, we’ve created a range of programs that empower your journey.

Work with Meaning

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Work with Meaning is the foundation of our transformational series of courses created to bring meaning to how you work, lead, and collaborate. We developed the Work with Meaning curriculum from 20+ years of research exploring meaning at work. Through this research we built models to unlock human potential, improve the workplace dynamic, and help individuals do great work together. Meaning is a process that can be applied to almost everything and can transform your life.

Our unique 1-on-1 approach to talent development

Our curriculum is designed to challenge limiting beliefs and transform how you think about meaning in order to inspire and motivate. Research-backed methodologies help you discover and develop your own unique meaning model that can be used for continual growth and development throughout your career.

One-on-one sessions with a personal guide help to create an environment for growth and optimized learning.

Levers of change

Levers of change are the “key ingredients” that underpin expected changes in learning programs. At least five potential levers of change appear to drive benefits from the Work with Meaning Program:

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Results and Benefits

Lasting benefits with research proven impact

Pathways teamed with Humanity by Design to perform a third-party study of the Pathway’s training programs to understand the program’s impact on current participants, clarify the program’s underlying change theory, and link program content to existing scientific theories and empirical evidence. In this research stage, Humanity by Design conducted semi-structured interviews with participants that completed the Work with Meaning program. In Humanity by Design’s thematic analysis, participants’ feedback reported several direct and wider benefits such as self-efficacy, long-term changes in career alignment and improved relationships with team members.

Greater self-efficacy

Improved growth mindset, increased meaning-making awareness, greater orientation towards current and future self, and improved resiliency

Purpose career alignment

Improved sense of purpose and meaning, reduced stress and burnout, improved listening skills, and reduced biases in information processing and decision making

Improved relationships

Greater capacity for and use of empathy, and improves the relationship professionals have with themselves, their co-workers, their company

I’ve gained confidence and a much better vision of what I am here to do, why it matters to me and how to use my talents to benefit the company.

Director of Professional Services, ProMedica Homecare & Hospice

Master your journey and find fulfillment through your work

Rich with multi-faceted tools, this curriculum will challenge you to move past limiting beliefs and narratives to explore what inspires and motivates you. You will learn how to utilize these insights into better relationships, greater self-awareness, and improved self-efficacy.

Take the first step and elevate your journey.