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Many companies excel at perfecting the journey between the organization and the customer. That’s not what we do. With tools born from decades of research and practical application, we help people and organizations engineer fresh approaches to Working, Leading and Hiring with Meaning.

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Why Meaning Matters

In today’s dynamic landscape characterized by swift technological advancements, changing demographics, and evolving societal expectations, the resilience and wellbeing of the workforce play a vital role in ensuring sustainable individual and organizational performance, as attested to in the Surgeon General’s Current Top Priorities Report. As we navigate these intricate challenges, it becomes increasingly essential to foster an environment that nurtures resilience and cultivates a strong sense of self and collective efficacy among employees. At the heart of this effort lies the influential power of meaningful work, which shapes workplace dynamics, fuels job satisfaction, and promotes psychological wellbeing.

Pathways programs are unique because they deal with the heart and mind of the human being at work. I could actually see this process of self-discovery helping myself and the leaders in our organization discover what drives our biases, what insecurities we cling to, and how these factors affect our relationships.

As a result, many of our leaders were able to be more creative and began to lead out of their own personality, instead of how leaders normally think they are supposed to lead. Everyone developed confidence in their own unique abilities. My entire leadership team developed a greater sense of loyalty and trust in each other and the company. We experienced revenue and profitability growth that outpaced the prior ten years.

Brad Schwarz - CEO, Interim Texas