We help
individuals leaders organizations

cultivate meaning at work.

Accelerate Growth, Transform Leadership, Redesign Recruiting, with Meaning.

Pathways helps organizations drive growth by improving engagement, retention and recruiting through our With Meaning based programs and Coaching.

Successful use of these meaning based tools empower leaders to find their authentic voice, contribute their unique potential, and drive success across teams.

Our solutions


Work with Meaning

Tools and coaching train employees how meaning-making works and how to deploy it for personal and organizational growth.



Lead with Meaning

Learn to understand and align meaning throughout your company. Learn to lead teams that are actively growing, developing, and making meaning together.



Hire with Meaning

We find candidates for even the most challenging roles based on metrics most companies use and some they’ve probably never considered.


How we're different

We don’t tell you how to make meaning in your organization; the meaning is already being made. We help you recognize it and foster the mechanisms to spread it throughout your organization, working it into the soil of every department and every decision to feed your company’s growth.

Why it works

Our approach is evidence based

When Pathways started, in the 1990s, we wondered why people with competitive skill sets didn’t always choose what seemed like the prime job opportunities. So, we asked them. And then we asked thousands more employees and candidates in interviews why they chose the jobs they did. We didn’t leave it at the standard, surface questions; we dug deeper, especially with candidates who had the most options. The data piled up and eventually the answer was undeniable: Meaning. No other reward from work comes close to competing with the experience of waking up every morning to go to work on something that you experience as personally meaningful.

This insight has proven consistent in more than 500 companies and 6 countries.

Our clients have found that leading and working from meaning transforms organizational culture, energizes personal development, and taps into a sustainable source of growth.