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Pathways, in collaboration with Aviri have developed a set of programs that teach people tools for stewarding meaning in the workplace. The classes listed below consist of a progressive journey that gives attendees first-hand instruction and guidance to the methods and models used by Pathways to help people and companies unlock their potential. We combine digital content and a personal guide for participants to optimize the learning experience.

Discover Your Core Energy

We’re all human, but people have different energies. Transcend personality profiles and explore a model from the book Human Fabric that says we are all different, yet we utilize three core energies – Maven, Relater, Evangelist. Learn how these energies work, how they influence your personality, the way you communicate, and the way you relate – at work and in life.

Essence Mining You

Tap the power of meaning on your work journey by experiencing Essence Mining first-hand to expose and articulate the essence of your journey while building a foundational and experiential understanding of the Essence Mining Method. In essence mining, we lead you through a process of discovering the key patterns of meaning in your experiences and psychological makeup.

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