Work with Meaning

A professional development program as individual as you

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What does your path mean to you?

Using psychology and research-backed tools, our experienced guides will be there to provide personalized coaching, teaching you the tools and techniques tailored to your specific needs to express and develop your unique strengths and interests, combining them into a powerful personal philosophy. Unlock your potential and become the best version of yourself with Work with Meaning.

This experience isn't solely a personal quest. It significantly impacts our outward journey, influencing how we navigate our professional landscapes. By delving into these patterns, we can find the most natural and authentic way to relate to various aspects of our lives - our work, our organizations, our colleagues, our customers, and even ourselves.

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  1. Career Alignment

    An improved sense of personal purpose and meaning in your career, and connection to the organization

  2. Enhanced emotional intelligence

    Cultivate a deeper understanding and compassion for the emotions, experiences, and perspectives of both yourself and those around you

  3. Reduced stress and burnout

    A better ability to prioritize important interactions and create a supportive work environment to foster well-being and teamwork

  4. Improved listening skills

    Develop communication skills for a better approach to active listening

  5. Improved growth mindset

    Oriented toward self-concepts, resulting in immediate personal and professional growth.

  6. Additional benefits

    Enhanced empathy, reduced bias, greater self-efficacy, improved resilience

"This was the best leadership course and coaching I’ve ever had. Seriously. I am more present and creative in every interaction. I'm able to bring much more of myself to work and to my life, to uncover talents I had to offer that always felt unused, and use them to make my role more impactful and to see those results on the bottom line, which is exciting. No matter what stage your career is in, if you want a sense of connection and freedom to be yourself at work, I’d highly recommend Work at Meaning as 'The course to take.'"

Beth Horton

Clinical Nurse Educator, Empower Services

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