The Why Of Work: Purpose And Meaning Really Do Matter

People are more likely to thrive when their work has clear purpose and meaning.PEXELS Why? It’s a question all of us should ask ourselves. Why do we do what we do? In particular, why do we do the work that, for many of us, occupies most of our waking hours for our entire adult lives? […]

The three Cs of customer satisfaction: Consistency, consistency, consistency

It may not seem sexy, but consistency is the secret ingredient to making customers happy. However, it’s difficult to get right and requires top-leadership attention. “Sustaining an audience is hard,” Bruce Springsteen once said. “It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.” He was talking about his […]

Eight Ways to Find More Meaning at Work

Do you experience meaning at work—or just emptiness? In the United States people spend on average 35-40 hours working every week. That’s some 80,000 hours during a career—more time than you will spend with your kids, probably.  Beyond the paycheck, what does work give you? Few questions could be more important. It is sad to walk through […]