Hiring with Meaning for Ascend Behavior Partners


Ascend Behavior Partners operate in the autism behavioral health industry by employing Board Certified Behavioral Analysts that evaluate and use a hands-on approach to care for those who are affected by autism. Their work ensures all families have access to life-changing therapy and support for their loved ones.


Ascend Behavior Partners


Denver, CO


51 - 200


Hire with Meaning

I feel listened to and heard. The confidence that’s been established is only matched by the trust we have in Pathways to help us steward our current recruiting challenges, while building our own recruiting engine for the future.

Talent Acquisition Manager, Ascend Behavior Partners

The challenge

Finding high quality talent with meaningful experience in the behavioral health sector while focusing on a reduction in turnover

Ascend had a critical need for Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) that were meaningfully connected to the vision. In order to provide a solution for the families affected by autism, it was imperative to have a continuous pipeline of top talent; therefore, they needed a recruitment partner to help build the internal team in a “build to transfer” strategy. Ascend believed hiring twenty BCBA’s and RBT’s per month would solve the problem; however, they were turning over at 108% negatively impacting the bottom line and market optics.


Pathways engaged the Ascend team to determine the culture and how it is impacting the recruitment process. Once culture was tapped into, the Pathways team could have honest conversations with candidates to determine if the candidates had a meaningful connection to the work by delivering a unique interviewing technique: Essence Mining. By choosing the right talent and communicating the organizational language, Pathways was successful in finding talent that were previously disengaged and inaccessible.

The results


56% reduction in turnover in first 90 days


79% reduction in turnover in first nine months


Additional net revenue profit

Ascend realized a 56% reduction in turnover in the first 90 days and 79% reduction in the first nine months, while netting the Ascend team 100 additional talent by end of year. With those additional talent having a bill rate of $42 per year, gave an additional net revenue profit of $8.76 million over the course of the relationship with Pathways. By focusing on high-quality talent, we were able to recruit less talent, directly impacting market optics, all while lowering turnover for a “build to transfer” resolution.

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