3 Questions to Determine If Your Work Brings Meaning to Your Life

Establishing your “why” on the job is arguably more important than ever. Here’s how. Meaning at work is important in the best of times. For businesses, it’s a key ingredient for growth. Personally, it’s always helped me focus my energy.  But right now meaning has taken on, well, a whole new meaning.  Anxiety over the coronavirus, concerns […]

The Value of Belonging at Work

Social belonging is a fundamental human need, hardwired into our DNA. And yet, 40% of people say that they feel isolated at work, and the result has been lower organizational commitment and engagement. In a nutshell, companies are blowing it. U.S. businesses spend nearly 8 billion dollars each year on diversity and inclusion (D&I) trainings that miss the mark because they neglect our […]

The Business Impact Of Gratitude

This week, our focus turns to giving thanks and the power of gratitude. While many of us tend to view and express gratitude in relation to our personal lives, gratitude in the workplace is especially critical because it satisfies the higher psychological need to feel a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves–to feel […]

Why You Should Stop Trying to Be Happy at Work

Summary.   What are we really searching for when we say we want more “meaning” at work, and how does it differ from happiness? Philosophers, scholars, artists, and social psychologists have struggled to come up with an answer to that question for years. According to research by psychologist Roy Baumeister and colleagues, five factors differentiate meaning and happiness. […]

Crossroads Case Study

Care giver reassures patient

The Meaning at Work Recruiting Program, achieved direct, measurable results for Crossroads

How Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty Go Hand in Hand

[ Originally posted at https://hrdailyadvisor.blr.com/2019/03/04/how-employee-engagement-and-customer-loyalty-go-hand-in-hand/ ] It is far easier and less costly to generate more business from an existing client than it is to draw in a new customer. But you can only capitalize on your existing clients if you develop the all-important customer loyalty. Your employees are pivotal to this process. Every time […]

The Why Of Work: Purpose And Meaning Really Do Matter

People are more likely to thrive when their work has clear purpose and meaning.PEXELS Why? It’s a question all of us should ask ourselves. Why do we do what we do? In particular, why do we do the work that, for many of us, occupies most of our waking hours for our entire adult lives? […]

7 Ways to Find Meaning at Work

Several years ago, Gallup asked people in 142 countries to respond to a series of statements designed to measure employee engagement—involving matters like their job satisfaction, whether they felt their work was important, and whether they had opportunities in the workplace to learn and grow. What the polling firm found was that engagement is the exception, not the rule: […]

Why Finding Meaning At Work Is More Important Than Feeling Happy

Get off the monotonous treadmill of your job, and seek a different running path of meaning on your journey toward career satisfaction. “I just want to be happy.” We have all said it at one time or another. The wish for happiness is one of our most widely held goals in life. But here’s the […]

The three Cs of customer satisfaction: Consistency, consistency, consistency

It may not seem sexy, but consistency is the secret ingredient to making customers happy. However, it’s difficult to get right and requires top-leadership attention. “Sustaining an audience is hard,” Bruce Springsteen once said. “It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.” He was talking about his […]