Danny Gutknecht


Danny is co-founder of Pathways, author of the seminal book Meaning at Work and its Hidden Language, extremely well-read, an agent provocateur, and probably the most human human you’re likely to meet. Though he is singularly focused on helping people and companies do great work together, his knowledge of music, wine and cosmology would make him impossible to beat were he ever to play Trivial Pursuit.

David Payne


Texas native that loves Arizona, father of two teenage daughters that stress me out, and an 11 year old son that constantly makes me question my intelligence.

Trail runner, washed out tri-athlete, mentor, Maven, wannabe Evangelist, give me AZ sunshine over the A/C, trips to Mexico over San Diego, Jeeps with the top down, exceptional Añejos.

And being around people that are driven, curious and willing to push themselves in pursuit of being great at whatever it is they’ve chosen to do.

Jessica Martinez

VP of Search

I came to Arizona to study, and stayed to wear flip-flops at Christmas. I enjoy margaritas in nearly every flavor, traveling a bit too close to the sun, Imagine by John Lennon and my beautiful family. I joined Pathways to help people find jobs they love, and found tools that are applicable to more than just work.

Ikaika Luis

Business Development

I’d like to say I have it all figured out.

But, the more I learn, the more I realize I have no idea what’s going on.

Lacey Elliot

Work at Meaning Guide

In a past life, I lived in the fast lane of NYC, DC and London. However, the need for my grandma’s homemade tamales brought me home to AZ. I excel in the art of bad accents, movie trivia and will laugh at all your dad jokes.

I stay curious and love collaborating to create meaningful tools and resources for our team.

Oh, and Max is my main squeeze!

Chaz Bennett

Search Director

Michelle Strickler

Marketing/Executive Assistant

Hi, I’m Michelle.  A small-town MN girl who followed her big city dreams and landed in AZ.

A professional marketer in an endless pursuit to dream up ideas that make people say, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

Terence Bennell

Media & Technology

I fell into the media by chance. Turned out quite well, though; BBC tv, private enterprise, then my own editing company in London.

‘Twas also chance that brought me to Arizona, via Paris, which led to the two biggest things in my life: Pathways and being a dad.

Growing quite fond of happenstance…

Aubrey Smith

Experience Process Specialist

Hey y’all, I’m Aubrey! An AZ native who’s lived in Hawaii and Texas, I decided it was time to come back home. I’m the one that everyone thinks is extremely quiet, but I’m just sitting here observing, waiting to add in one of my sarcastic comments! You can catch me laughing far too loud at something, probably with a glass of wine in hand! 

Ben Kussie

Search Consultant

My name is Ben, I’m from the Pacific North West, and graduated from Whitworth University in 2018. I enjoy a good drink at a bar and catching up with friends, but more times than not you’ll find me yelling ‘fore!’ right off the tee box under the Arizona sun.

Hayley Donovan

Work at Meaning Guide

I’m Hayley. When I’m not working you can find me traveling to the PNW, baking, or hunting down the best foodie spots across Arizona with my amazing Wife!

Endlessly fascinated by people, their journeys, and all of the intricate parts that make up who we are and how we show up in the world. Luckily, at Pathways I get the privilege to guide people through the process of self discovery everyday and help them connect to their meaning.

James Murray

Search Consultant

Kimber Levin

Search Consultant

The devil works hard, but recruiters work harder!

Michael Gutknecht

Search Consultant

Oliver Henninger

Search Consultant

I was born and raised in Arizona, so I love the heat and can’t stand the cold. I enjoy softball, ping-pong and the occasional video game, when I’m not trying to learn something new! I enjoy communicating and helping others understand things from different perspectives. I’m a firm believer in learning through experiences, and Pathways has proven that belief to be true.

Walker Houghton

Search Consultant

Hi I’m Walker. Originally from Austin, Texas. I am easily spotted in a crowded room. I love my dog Pepper and my cat Lazlo. Having trouble parallel parking? I’m your guy. I enjoy learning and take that into my everyday life and relationships.

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