About Us

A Journey of Innovation

Meaning: The models by which a being parses its existence.

Shelly Spriggs
Twenty years ago, we began a journey to understand and improve the relationship between employer and employee. Recruiting had exposed a fundamental disconnect between employer and employee that was widening, and we wanted to know how to improve the relationship. 
We decided to interrogate the interview itself. How can bias be eliminated? How can we get beyond the illusory projections that traditionally happen in the courtship and have a conversation about what matters most? 
Fundamentally redesigning the interview beyond behavioral techniques and personality descriptions set us off on an unsuspecting journey and years of surprising insights into the architecture of motive, language, and eventually meaning. 
We began to develop a reputation of expertise for recruiting people that were an excellent match for our clients. They stayed longer, were more productive, and inspired others in their work. We built robust models that helped improve the overall business of recruiting. However, this was only the beginning of our endeavor. A productive employment relationship is the result of two journeys coming together, not one. 
In 2008, we turned our attention to the organization. Using our innovative interviewing framework and working with experts across the world, we began to use our tools to understand how organizations work. Large, small, healthcare, technology, finance, and manufacturing, we amassed the largest cache of data known to examine organizational culture and answer the question: how do people and companies come together to do great work? 
The answer to the above question isn’t easy or explained in a simple set of bullet points. Over the last 20 years, we have distilled our solutions into a few basic models that you can learn and master to achieve measurable business value. 
Organizations who choose to partner with Pathways can count on a relationship of transformative solutions and a roll up the sleeves approach to helping you master the people equation within your company.