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Crossroads Case Study


In April of 2017, Crossroads and Pathways entered into a partnership to address staffing shortfalls, reduce turnover, and to invigorate culture. Using tools and methods from the Meaning at Work suite of models, Pathways began organizing processes for staffing while interviewing employees to understand Crossroads culture.

The Meaning at Work suite of models consists of tools, methods, and approaches that have been proven over the last 25 years to enhance the relationship between recruits, employees, and the organization.


We worked with Crossroads leaders in HR, Finance, and clinical operations to measure the results of the program, including its financial impact. Over the last 27 months, we have tracked every hire by name; all hard expenses have been accounted for that relate to recruiting, on-boarding, and turnover. To be precise, all soft costs were excluded, such as lost expertise, missed workflow, and lost productivity.

We conducted a side-by-side analysis during the implementation that included nurses employed using the Meaning at Work suite of tools and Nurses hired using traditional processes — over 640 nurses in 27 months. Pathways accounted for 311 nurse hires.


We reviewed market data from organizations who have studied nurse turnover and compared it to Crossroads. Organizations such as the National Institute of Health, National Home and Hospice Care Survey, Beckers Hospital Report, and AMA Healthcare all tell the same story. Nurse turnover in healthcare is high.

Larger Home Health and Hospice agencies experience a 55% – 85% churn in nurse hires, and turnover for Nurse Aides ranges from 105% – 300%. Crossroads is one of the ten largest hospice companies in the US and has similar challenges to most large agencies. Below are the results from the Meaning at Work Recruiting Program.

The Meaning at Work Recruiting Program, achieved direct, measurable results in every market when compared side-by-side with traditional approaches. The program delivered a financial impact of $4.69 Million in the first 27 months – over $173,703/month straight to the bottom line.


Crossroads has now adopted the Meaning at Work Recruiting Program for the entire organization. By October 2019, all Crossroads employees will be hired utilizing this program. Crossroads and Pathways are partnering on The Meaning at Work Training Program so Crossroads can develop organizational competencies with these tools, methodologies, and processes.

September 2019

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