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“What is the nature of our connection to work?”

Finding People Essence Mining Training/Workshops

Search and Align

Pathways is the leader in transforming cultures that tap human potential. We have been assessing and delivering talent, internally and externally for more than 20 years. We have helped organizations like BE Aerospace, Expedia, Fairview Health, University of Michigan School of Medicine and many others throughout America and Western Europe, solve their most difficult talent equations.

Leadership Recruitment

When assessing leaders, the objective is to be able to identify those who can perform now, as well as those who have future potential. In-depth understanding of the science of leadership, human potential and organizational chemistry are critical to getting this right.

Strategic Sourcing

Our strategic team-building solutions solve one of the most challenging and time-consuming recruitment tasks: building a pipeline that engages and matches people that accelerate organizational chemistry. Our reach offers our clients monumental cost savings and allows internal processes to work more efficiently.

Essence Mining

A Meaning Process for the Organization

Employees have a meaning journey and the organization has a meaning journey. To engage employees it's important to expose the context of how their meaning is shared with the organizational journey. This fundamental equation is at the heart of your employment proposition. Pathways solves this with a process called Essence Mining.


Our interviewing framework gets at the meaning language of the organization and exposes organizational meaning.


We analyze the data identifying skills and themes that can be leveraged for personal and organizational potential.


From this data we begin to help you and synthesize and understand how to use it.


Integrating the meaning language back into the organization where employees can connect at a deeper personal level.

Training / Workshops

Interview Training

Most leadership assessments hinge on the opinion and insight of a consultant. Trying to measure characteristics like curiosity, insight or determination are often more of an “educated guess” or “gut feeling." Many organizations have to rely on the ability of the consultant to “just know.” That's why recruiting and hiring struggle on so many levels.

When an interviewer uses the Essence Mining framework to interrogate meaning, it transforms the conversation. Both parties become invested in ascertaining where there is genuine alignment.

When a candidate has excellent skills but different ideas about the meaning of the work and how it gets done, their performance will suffer. People who share meaning alignment with the organization are more likely to commit, push past barriers and make significant contributions.

Helping recruitment teams and hiring managers understand and integrate the Essence Mining framework will immediately produce more quality hires, while reducing consistent patterns of turnover.

Understanding Your Meaning

This foundational workshop provides a general introduction to how meaning works in organizations. It separates out what meaning isn’t and provides clarity into the roles individuals have in their relationship to the organization. It offers breadth, depth and is designed to give a coherent understanding of 3 robust models whose use provides more than just insight but keys to organizational transformation. 

All attendees from Senior Leadership and HR to Mid-Level Management and Skilled Workers will come away with the understanding, tools, and processes needed to develop a meaning competency and put meaning to work.

This training will teach: 

  • How meaning works in the organization
  • What a meaning language is and — more importantly — is not 
  • How to empower organizational meaning
  • How meaning competence translates into growth and profits for the organization
  • Essence Mining as a meaning process for organizations

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